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What could it possibly apart from just producing ice? This must be the question that might come to your mind looking at a portable ice maker, whether or not you should buy it.

Well, here are some of the intriguing facts and figures I would like to tell you about the portable ice maker if you are having any second thoughts about not bringing this pocket rocket to your kitchen.

People jump on to the comparisons straight away between the fridge and the portable ice maker, when it comes to freezing ice. I would like to enlighten you with the fact that a best portable ice maker can make ice in just a few minutes, whereas a freezer takes somewhere around 40-45 minutes.

A portable Ice maker can produce 26-35lbs of ice each day; it is highly unlikely that your fridge might come any closer to this figure.

The portable ice maker is designed in such a way that an 8 year old can operate without any problem.
One more incredible feature that makes the portable ice maker stand out the crowd is that, with it you can generate ice of different sizes and shapes. If you are interested in making ice smaller or larger than the usual size portable ice maker is definitely the right machine for you.

And stating the obvious, you can carry it almost everywhere, with the use of the portable ice maker, you can produce as much ice as you want, portable ice maker being stylish, lightweight and smaller in size is way easier to carry anywhere with you.

Also a portable ice maker consumes less amount of electricity and is quite cost effective, it is also really easy to maintain, with hassle free cleaning techniques.

ice maker
Ice maker

Here is a list of features that comes in a portable ice maker, which will make you want to buy it.

  1. Full Basket Alert – this is a feature that notifies you when your ice maker basket is full, this will help you in determining the right quantity of the basket.
  2. Timer – with the help of timer you can set the number of cycles you want your portable ice maker to run for, this will save you the trouble of tuning the machine time and again.
  3. Overflow Protection – this feature will let you know about the spillage and that the ice is not getting generated.
  4. Type of Installation – there are two types of installation that can take place, first is the permanent, in which the ice maker is connected to a fixed line of water for the constant supply, these types of ice makers are fixed in one place.
    Second is the portable ice maker which does not need a fixed water connection and being portable they can be carried along anywhere.
  5. Energy Efficiency – being small, compact and fast, the energy consumption of this machine is very low making it cost effective and economical.
  6. Water Filters – in line water filter is an essential feature of the portable ice maker, it makes the ice taste better and also prevents the machine from any kind of silt deposits, which in turn improves the life and efficiency of the ice maker.
  7. Recycling Function – with this you can say goodbye to wastage of water as the machine automatically recycles the untreated water, solving the problem of draining the portable ice maker, making it more efficient.

As you can notice these portable ice makers are being used in the places where the ice is required in a short span of time and that too in large quantities. These machines are performing as expected of them and that too on a daily basis.

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Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you thinking of buying an ice maker to put in your new cafe shop? Are you not quite sure which one is the best to buy? Well, if you are looking for one that will support your cafe business, then what you truly need is the ice makers for commercial use. What makes these commercial use ice makers different than any home use ice makers? Are there different types of them? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these ice makers for commercial use? Don’t you worry because this article will answer all of your questions.

Commercial Ice Maker. Source:
Commercial Ice Maker. Source:

Ice makers are basically divided into the ones for home use and the ones for commercial use. The sole difference between these home and commercial use ice makers lies in the quantity of ice they make per day. The ice makers for home use are designed to produce enough ice for the family per day. Of course, those home machines can offer a greater amount of ice for occasional parties, but they will need longer time to produce a couple more batches of ice. On the other hand, the ice makers for commercial use are designed to produce a large amount of ice per day. These machines are suited for a business that requires a steady flow of a large quantity of ice every day.

Ice makers for commercial use come in three types: the modular ice maker, the under the counter and the countertop one. The first type, modular ice makers, are designed to produce between 250 and 100 pounds of ice per day. They are the biggest model among other commercial use ice makers. They are powerful machines that are capable of making that large amount of ice each day. They are great for people who need a constant flow of a large amount of ice every day.

The second type, under counter ice makers, is designed to produce up to about 350 pounds of ice per day and to store those ice. They are great for people who run a small business. They can make quite a lot ice and then store them for later use. The third type, countertop ice makers, are designed to produce a relatively large quantity of ice per day. Compared to the first two models, these countertop model ice makers are the smallest one. Typically, these countertop machines are used in fast food restaurants.

There are two main advantages of ice makers for commercial use. First, these machines have high capacity. They can produce large quantities of ice per day, making them suitable for bar, cafe and restaurant use. Second, these machines can make more than just one ice shape. There are models that can offer you a couple of ice shape to choose.

For the disadvantages of commercial ice makers, you can say that they consume more electricity. Naturally, for being able to produce much more ice than the home ice makers, these commercial machines need more electricity. Also, the upfront cost to afford these machines is high because they are an important investment for your business. Thus, these ice makers are suited for commercial use and not for home use.